The Papers of Professor Hungdah Chiu (1936 - 2011)

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Professor Chiu taught at National Taiwan University and at National Chengchi University in the Republic of China and was a research associate at Harvard Law School for six years. He wrote, edited, and is co-author of many books in English and in Chinese and more than 130 articles in the field of international and comparative law and Chinese studies, including The Future of Hong Kong (with Y. C. Jao and Y. L. Wu, 1987); The Draft Basic Law of Hong Kong: Analysis and Documents (1988); International Law of the Sea: Cases, Documents and Readings (with Gary Knight, 1991) and Modern International Law (in Chinese, 1995, two volumes). Professor Chiu served as President of the Association of Chinese Social Scientists in North America (1984 through 1986), President of the American Association for Chinese Studies (1985 through 1987) and Minister without portfolio (Minister of State) of the Executive Yuan (cabinet) of the Republic of China (1993 through 1994). He was the past President of the International Law Association.

The collection consists of four boxes and multiple binders arranged in two series. Access to the collection is by appointment only, please contact Special Collections in the Law Library for more information or to make an appointment.

Series 1: Archival Materials - 1970s-1990s

Box 1: Research Materials Professor Chiu at the 68th International Law Association Conference (1998).

Folder 1: Independent Taiwan Quarterly. Dates: 1982-1983. Description: Photocopies and originals. Journals of the World United Formosans for Independence (WUFI) movement.

Folder 2: United States policy toward China. Selected Essays and Papers. Dates: 1978-1981. Description: A collection of essays and papers prepared by the Foreign Relations Commission of the Asian American Assembly to the National Conference on Asians in America.

Folder 3: China’s commemoration of Hu Yaobang. Dates: 2002,2005. Description: Newspaper clippings.

Folder 4: Various research materials on Taiwan and People’s Republic of China. Dates: various. Description: materials on martial law in Taiwan; publications on the Formosan Independence Army; three issues of Formosa Weekly; two articles (French) on China policy; Country Reports on Human Rights practices for 1979; background notes on the People’s Republic of China (U.S. Dept. of State), 1980; item on “terrorism and Taiwan independence movement.”

Folder 5: Terrorism and the Taiwan Independence Movement: A Preliminary Study. Dates: 1981-1985. Description: research materials and draft versions of a paper on the intersection of Terrorism and the independent Taiwan movement.

Box 2: Publications

Folder 1: “A Secure Taiwan” letter to the editor, Wilson Quarterly, winter 1980.

Communist China's Attitude Toward International Law, title page.Folder 2: Program ILA (International Law Association), 68th conference. 1998.

Folder 3: China’s Criminal Justice System and the Trial of Pro-Democracy Dissidents, 1992, [reprint] (2 copies).

Folder 4: The 1982 Chinese Constitution and the Rule of Law, 1985, [reprint] (2 copies).

Folder 5: Issues and Studies: A Journal of China Studies and International Law, 1985,1986,1990,1993 [reprints] (7 issues).

Folder 6: Communist China’s Attitude toward International Law, 1966, [reprint] (2 copies).

Folder 7: The Position of Customary International Law and Treaties in Chinese Law, 1985 [reprints] (2 copies).

Folder 8: Studies in Chinese Law, 1968, 1972 [reprints] (3 issues).

Folder 9: Chinese Yearbook of International Law and Affairs, 1983, 1984, 1986/87, 1996/97 [reprints] (4 issues).

Folder 10: The Korean Journal of International Studies, 1983/84 [reprint].

Folder 11: Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade, 1985, 1987 [reprints] (2 issues).

Folder 12: Asian Bulletin, 1981“Toward a Reunified China,” 1981 [reprint].

Folder 13: The Problem of Delimiting the Maritime Boundary between the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf of Opposite States, 1993 [reprint] (2 copies).

Folder 14: The Taiwan Relations Act and Sino-American Relations, 1991 [reprints] (2 copies).

Folder 15: Myth and Reality of the Kao-Hsiung Incident, 1980 (1 copy).

Folder 16: Miscellaneous Letters and Research Notes, 1985, 1989, 1990, 2005.

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Box 3: Research Materials (photocopies, documents, reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence)

Folder 1: Theories and practices of Taiwan’s independence movement, 1975-1983.

Letter from Senator William Roth to Professor Chiu, 1996.

Folder 2: Incidents of violence, terrorism relative to the Coordination Council for North American Affairs Office in New York, 1976-1983.

Folder 3: Overseas Alliance for Democratic Rule in Taiwan, 1975-1978.

Folder 4: Recent developments of human rights in Taiwan, 1979-1980.

Folder 5: Kaohsiung incident, 1979-1980.

Folder 6: Kaohsiung incident, 1979-1980.

Folder 7: Kaohsiung incident, case of Hsu Hsing-Liang, 1979.

Folder 8: Overseas Alliance for Democratic Rule in Taiwan (files for Kuo Yu-Hsin), 1978-1979.

Folder 9: Pre-Kaohsiung period (magazine “Trend” case, Taiwan Courts reform reports, and Non-party personage campaign), 1979.

Folder 10: Lists of incidents of violence & case of legislator Tzeng, Yansham assaulted in New York City, 1970-1980.

Folder 11: Myth and Reality of the Kaohsiung Riot (pamphlet), 1980.

Folder 12: Kaohsiung Incident, 1979-1980.

Folder 13: Parcel bomb incident (Hsieh, Tung-Min, injured by parcel bomb, Oct. 1976); Self-help manual for the People of Taiwan Independence by World United Formosans for Independence, April 1976.

Folder 14: Case of Lam, Kin-ming, February 1981.

Folder 15: Fire bomb incidents in 1980, attributed to Taiwanese terrorists in California, 1980; Los Angeles Times, July 30, 1981.

Folder 16: Declaration on the Establishment of the Coalition for Taiwanese Nationhood, December 1979.

Folder 17: Case of Husang, Zyan Tu, assassination of Teng, Yung-Kong in Paris, 1973.

Folder 18: Cheng, Tzu-Tsia assassinated Chiang, Chin Kuo in New York, 1970.

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Box 4: Research Materials (photocopies, documents, reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence)

Folder 1: “The Chinese Military: Its Role and Growth” (congressional testimony), 1995.

Folder 2: Congressional testimony, 1995-1996 (originally filed in single red binder).

Folder 3: Congressional testimony, 1995-1996 (originally filed in single red binder).

Folder 4: The Capacity of International Organizations to Conclude Treaties, and the Special Legal Aspects of the Treaties so Concluded (book), 1966.

Series 2: Newspaper and Magazine Clippings

Professor Chiu, 1985.

Binders: 1-95: This collection consists of ninety-five loose-leaf binders of clipped newspaper and magazine articles, primarily in Chinese. The date range covers the early 1980s through early 2000/2001.

Sample topics include: United States and China, Foreign Relations; China and Taiwan, Foreign Relations; Taiwan economics; business; investments; Pacific Rim regional cooperation; Taiwan independence movement; international treaties and agreements; maritime industry and trade; tourism; national defense; China reunification movement; World United Formosans for Independence.
These are shelved in a separate location from the archival material above. Please see the librarian for access.

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About this Collection

Donated: April 2008 by Professor Hungdah Chiu and the East Asian Legal Studies Program.

Inventoried: April through June 2008, January-March 2009.

Access: By appointment only, contact Special Collections in the Law Library for more information or to make an appointment.

Attorney/Client Privilege: does not apply.

Restrictions: Per the donor the materials in box 3 are restricted. Researchers should request access by mail, describing their research project/goals and affiliations. The request will be reviewed by staff of the East Asian Legal Studies program.

Photocopies/scanning: Photocopying of non-fragile material may be available upon request. Tax documents and individual financial statements may not be photocopied.

Permissions: Permission to reproduce or quote from the collection generally in published research in any format may be requested in writing from the Thurgood Marshall Law Library, University of Maryland School of Law, Special Collections, 501 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

Cite as: The Papers of Professor Hungdah Chiu. Thurgood Marshall Law Library, the University of Maryland School of Law.

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Professor Chiu speaks at the 2000 ILA meeting in London, England.

Memorial Programs:

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Additional Material - Congressional Testimony

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