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Office of Technology

The Office of Information Technology, located on the fourth floor of the Law Library, provides the School of Law community with access to modern computing. Our services to students, faculty, and staff encompass network security, e-mail, virus and SPAM protection, application development, and configuration of any computing or communication device that connects to the law school network or law school email services.

Accessible Work Station

The Thurgood Marshall Law Library offers an accessible work station for students and faculty who require machine-assisted support. The accessible work station is located on level 2 of the library.

Features include:

  • An expanded 20-inch wide, touch screen monitor to support stylus users or individuals with limited mobility.
  • An enhanced mouse and oversized keyboard for users with limited mobility.
  • An easily adjustable keyboard support for users with limited mobility.
  • A Braille keyboard for the visually challenged researcher.
  • An attached flat bed scanner to convert documents to readable text for the visually challenged researcher.
  • The latest version of voice activated software and screen reader software for the visually challenged researcher.

Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

The law school is a member of the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction which distributes CALI programs on various topics. The CALI library of exercises is a collection of more than 270 computer-based lessons covering more than 30 legal education subject areas such as civil procedure, torts, contracts, property, and criminal law. The exercises are designed to augment traditional law school instruction. They can be used as supplemental materials or integrated with other course materials. Students may download CALI exercises from and run the programs on their home PC. 

Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law

Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law are available for use by law students.  The School of Law receives access to these databases under special educational contracts that stipulate that the services may be used only for course-related work by currently enrolled students of the School of Law.  First-year law students will be given individual passwords to access these databases at the beginning of the fall semester and will be trained during their legal research class in the spring semester. Other law students who wish to make arrangements for an advanced or a refresher session should check with a research librarian.    

Students who wish to print a document from Westlaw or Bloomberg Law from the library will have to pay the per page fee from the GoPrint system.  Lexis provides a dedicated printer on level 3 of the Library in the Imaging Room for free printing of documents from its database. Students are responsible for retrieving their printouts promptly. Printing should be kept to a minimum.

Exam Files

The library maintains a file of previous course exams to which faculty members may choose to contribute. Exams on File are available to UM Law students, faculty and staff only.


To guarantee continued access to commercial software programs, reproduction of university-owned or licensed software is strictly forbidden. Under federal copyright laws, unauthorized reproduction of software can be subject to substantial civil penalties, as well as criminal action resulting in fines and imprisonment. Installation of software not owned by or licensed to University of Maryland, Baltimore is both a violation of the users' agreement and a violation of federal copyright law. A user making or using unauthorized copies of computer software or documentation may be subject to:

  1. Loss of University of Maryland, Baltimore computing privileges
  2. Appropriate federal penalties
  3. Other discipline, as appropriate. 

Library Computing Users' Agreement

All students are required to read and comply with applicable Law School and University of Maryland, Baltimore Technology Policies.

Printing, Copying & Scanning

Printing is available on the main floor of the Law Library via the GoPrint Pay-Per-Print system. Printing costs $0.06 per side for the default duplex printing, $0.10 per page for singled-sided black and white copies, and $.50 per page for color copies using the library’s dedicated color printer. To print using Go Print:

  • If you want to print in color, open the document you wish to print on the library’s designated computer for COLOR printing.
  • Go to the “B&W Go Print” printer station to print in B&W or “Go Print Color” printer station to print in color and use the touch-screen button for your workstation
  • Remember which computer you were using, if you used a law school or a library computer the computer will either be labeled (e.g. "LIB-2C”) or have the name listed as the desktop wallpaper
  • Go to either a B&W or the designated color Go-Print workstation, and use the touch-screen button for your workstation.
  • Select your computer from the list,
  • Your corresponding print job(s) will then display as a list.
  • Touch the print job or jobs you want to print. Information for each print job will display, such as number of pages and the cost for each job.
  • Touch "Continue."
  • Swipe your ID card.
  • The print job will disappear from the list, and the job will print at an adjacent printer after a short delay.

Students may configure their Windows or Mac laptop to print B&W copies to GoPrint.  Contact infotech @ for technical assistance.

There are photocopiers in the Imaging Room on level 2 of the library. Photocopies cost $.12 per page.

The Law Library has a touchscreen Scannx Book ScanCenter in the Copy Room to scan books and documents into searchable PDF, Word doc, JPEG, TIFF and PNG file formats.  Users may send scanned files to email; to a smartphone/tablet; to document-storage systems like Google Drive,  Dropbox,  and USB flash drives. Instructions for using the touchscreen Scannx Book ScanCenter ».  The Law Library also has a computer with flatbed scanner that is reserved for UMB faculty, students and staff and is meant for small scanning projects (1 - 2 pages). It is not recommended for copying books.

University of Maryland, Baltimore students, faculty, and staff may use their campus IDs (OneCard) to pay for printing and copying. Use cash or credit cards to add value to OneCards using the UMB1One machine in the copier room on level 2 of the library, or add value online. In case of printer or copier malfunction, do not try again. The user services desk staff can make printouts or copies to replace failed jobs, but cannot offer refunds. Refunds are not available for value remaining on debit cards after use.

Device Charging Station

The Thurgood Marshall Law Library has a courtesy charging station for mobile devices in the Level 2 Copy Room.

  1. Place your device in the locker and plug it in
  2. Turn the lever to a locked position 
  3. Enter your own 4 digit code + the Zephyr button
  4. To re-open, enter your 4 digit code + the Zephyr button
  5. Turn the lever to the open position
  6. Remove your device from the locker

Device chargers are also available for checkout at the User Services Desk.

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